Hi, I’m Lisa and this is my story

I first started making cakes, as most people do, for friends and family members.

My Nan started it all off as she always made all the big birthday, wedding and christening cakes. All were fruit and iced in the traditional hard royal icing – like it or not! She never made sponges and everything was hand mixed; she never owned an electric mixer! I remember watching her and my Grandad (Pappy Tom), as a small child, beating the heck out of a bowl of butter for several minutes. Taking it in turns when their arms were aching!

When my Dear Nan got to 80 she was diagnosed with cancer. At a previous family gathering she said that she was getting too old to carry on and someone would have to take over. Looking directly at me she said
“Aren’t you Lisa!”.
Well I dare not argue. So off I went to the local college to do a six week course (one hour a week in the evening) on sugar craft and I have recently taken an online professional sugar crafting course including a flower course by the renowned Suzanne Esper.

Previous to Nan’s Nice Cakes

I worked as a manager in a large multi-national supermarket. I did several jobs over the years, including training new staff in food hygiene and food safety, HR and new store set up.

Over 20 years later, I finally took the plunge and left my job of 25 years in food retail to set up the cake business. I never looked back and reflecting on things I know my Nan had a foresight that my cakes would eventually be my job (she was always one of those people who knew things like that!)

Qualifications and Training

I hold a Chartered Institute of Environmental Health – Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate. This allows me to train stages 1 and 2 by having to complete a 2 hour exam, not only in food retail but canning and bottling plants too. After 2 hours of sweating, trying to remember if bacteria was water or air based, I passed with a Credit Pass – PHEW! (You need a minimum score of 95% to accredit a Credit Pass).


When it came to naming the company, it had to be Nan’s Nice Cakes after my inspiration!
Now making cakes is my passion and I so love to do all the pretty finishing touches and make your cake look amazing!

So rest assured your cake is in good hands.

I always offer the best customer service I can, giving you that personal touch.

I hope to see you very soon.